Monday, December 8, 2008

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Thickness is not nearly as much fun as it looks. Neither is a jiggly booty or swoll thighs.

Before I got preggo with my youngest son (he was born May 08) I was 136 lbs. I was a curvy size four and honestly looked forward to putting some "meat on my bones" when I was older. When I went into labor I was 194 pounds! Don't ask my what happened. I know it had something to do with Oreos. I truly blame comfort and happiness. B and I got married during my first trimester and life was good. That's not to say that life wasn't good before but apparently running the streets is hellified fitness plan.

Fast forward two years and I am a very uncomfortable 164 pounds. I lost exactly 30 pounds after I had the baby. That makes sense considering the fact that I was only supposed to gain 25-35 pounds during my pregnancy.

Everyone says "Oh you look good. You're not fat, just healthy." Umm.... But I don't feel healthy though. Tell me I'm not fat when I'm tying my sneaks... Difficulty ensues. I am tired of looking looking in the mirror and wondering if the puffiness is because I just woke up or is the thickness reaching my cheeks.

Today is the the day that I begin to get my body back... or at least get the hell out of a size twelve...

I don't want to be stick thin. I just want to look good in a bathing suit again. I have very realistic goals. I will always have a big ass... I have come to terms with this... But there is a difference between a big ass and "Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn... She gotta donkey!" About a 20 pound difference to be exact. When I met my husband I had a six pack... The only six packs jumping off round these parts have long necks.

This blog will document my progress (or lack there of). It will be my workout and food journal. I figure if I put it out there for everyone and their momma to see then it will be that much harder to delude my self .

Today I got up at six and did 15 minutes of kickboxing and yoga. I will do the same routine this evening. I know this isn't mush but I want to start slow. Lord knows stroking out during cardio will put a kink in my plans. I drank my Reliv and Slimplicity shakes. I also took my boitin, MSM and Slimplicity supplements.

Swoll J.